dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Faerie Fashion Feature - Horned and Antlered

Pixie Horns - Bloomy
by Witchling-Ashara

Some of us like to show our wilder side when we let out our inner faerie. The side that resides in deep forests and dances in faerie rings with the faun and the satyrs. For these faeries I made this faerie feature. I know I feel better with that little finishing touch on my costume; horns! Of course there are many different shapes and sizes, so let's look at some awesome horns.

Faerie horns.
Cute, in bright colours, glitters. Nothing is too much for a faerie! Even spotted like a mushroom, aren't they cute?

Toadstool Faerie Horns by naomimonsta
Sugar Plum Fairy Horns by Violentbelle on Etsy
Glittergloom Faerie Horns by naomimonsta

Wild Horns.
Antlers and horns that link us back to nature, to the deep forest. Any satyr would be jealous of these pretty horns!

Pixie Horns - Swirly by Witchling-Ashara
Antler Barrettes by Missmonster
Antique Bronze Goin Stag Horns by Che4u

Unicorn Horns.
There is nothing more magical than the unicorn horn. In numerous tales and stories this has been the most coveted, most mystical object in all the lands. So why not flaunt it?

Unicorn Horn - White Glitter by Keska
Cotton Candy Unicorn Horn by Che4u
Black and Purple Unicorn Horn by AmericanLink

DIY Horns.
If you are a bit handy with clay, faerie horns aren't that difficult to make. You just need a little love, a lot of patience (to get the two symmetrical) and lots and lost of glitter! Holly from Hollyrocks blog posted an easy to follow tutorial last year. Click on the picture to take you there!

Rae, also known as Delicious Filth on Deviantart took it step further. She puts her faerie horns on (coloured) wire and adds beads to them! Now wearing them is even more fun, like you're wearing a crown!

The Horns of a Fantastical Creature by Delicious Filth

So whether you buy them, or make them, horns will make every costume just a little bit more special...

'Till next time!

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  1. I love this! Have been wanting to make them but could never figure out how! Thank you!