dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Pagan Ramblings

I read an article in the magical times magazine the other day where Fiona Murray talks about connecting to nature. She asked her readers to think back to the time when they were kids. The time where we would spend most of our time outside, picking flowers, laying in the grass. The article really spoke to me. I miss those times, I miss the walks we used to take, picking wildflowers and weeds and bringing it home to mom. Every two days there would be a new bouquet of flowers on the table with daisies, poppies, cuckoo flowers and many, many more. I grew up surrounded by farms, so we used to go out and pet the sheep and the cows who were grazing lazily in the polder. Where did the times go where we were in such harmony with nature?
Wild Flowers by MrHeesh
on Deviantart
It's a part of growing up I guess. I used to have a job where I was constantly outside, no matter how cold, hot, rainy of windy it was. Now I work in a shop where I am inside every day, all day. I miss the outdoors, I miss the tiny moments where I used to be in awe with nature. A simple sight of a rainbow, jackdaw's picking off crumbs, butterflies fluttering from flower to flower. Those tiny moments make my day and make me feel like I am truly connected to nature.

Last week I was travelling home from my indoor job, going from one tram into another, trading one indoor space for another. I had a little lay-over time before my next tram came and it was raining. All my fellow travellers were hiding in stalls and under roofs. I stood in the rain, my face turned to the sky, my eyes closed, finally feeling the rain on my face again in way too long. It made me feel alive!
Giant poppies in a garden
in Alhen a/d Rijn

Another tiny moment last week was when I saw these amazingly huge poppy flowers growing in someone's garden. It's one of those times where nature surprises you and you just have to stop and stare for a moment. That gorgeous red colour, those giant petals, just amazing. Each petal was as wide as the palm of my hand, the flower was about as big as a dinner plate. Just awesome.

What are the moments where you feel in awe and connected to nature?

'Till next time!

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