dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Faerie Fashion Feature - Horned and Antlered

Pixie Horns - Bloomy
by Witchling-Ashara

Some of us like to show our wilder side when we let out our inner faerie. The side that resides in deep forests and dances in faerie rings with the faun and the satyrs. For these faeries I made this faerie feature. I know I feel better with that little finishing touch on my costume; horns! Of course there are many different shapes and sizes, so let's look at some awesome horns.

Faerie horns.
Cute, in bright colours, glitters. Nothing is too much for a faerie! Even spotted like a mushroom, aren't they cute?

Toadstool Faerie Horns by naomimonsta
Sugar Plum Fairy Horns by Violentbelle on Etsy
Glittergloom Faerie Horns by naomimonsta

Wild Horns.
Antlers and horns that link us back to nature, to the deep forest. Any satyr would be jealous of these pretty horns!

Pixie Horns - Swirly by Witchling-Ashara
Antler Barrettes by Missmonster
Antique Bronze Goin Stag Horns by Che4u

Unicorn Horns.
There is nothing more magical than the unicorn horn. In numerous tales and stories this has been the most coveted, most mystical object in all the lands. So why not flaunt it?

Unicorn Horn - White Glitter by Keska
Cotton Candy Unicorn Horn by Che4u
Black and Purple Unicorn Horn by AmericanLink

DIY Horns.
If you are a bit handy with clay, faerie horns aren't that difficult to make. You just need a little love, a lot of patience (to get the two symmetrical) and lots and lost of glitter! Holly from Hollyrocks blog posted an easy to follow tutorial last year. Click on the picture to take you there!

Rae, also known as Delicious Filth on Deviantart took it step further. She puts her faerie horns on (coloured) wire and adds beads to them! Now wearing them is even more fun, like you're wearing a crown!

The Horns of a Fantastical Creature by Delicious Filth

So whether you buy them, or make them, horns will make every costume just a little bit more special...

'Till next time!

zondag 29 mei 2011

Pagan Arts Journal - Week 1

Faye from Aradia's Cauldron had the brilliant idea to start a Pagan Arts Journal. Each week she gives a prompt to which you make an Art Journal page. I jumped on the bandwagon a little while ago, so I'm hopelessly behind. But that's okay, I'll just go on my own pace. What I love about this project is that it combines my love for art and my love for paganism. It gives me a chance to look at my path and my beliefs in a creative way. So, needless to say, I'm very excited about this project!

So here it is, my page for week 1. The prompt was 'intentions'. From Faye's blog:

What are your intentions for this project? what do you hope to get out of it? is it about healing, creativity, community, or something else?

I put my intentions into the leaves falling off the tree. I wanted to join this project to give my creativity a boost, to incorporate paganism into my daily life but most of all; to have FUN! This was something I really wanted to do for myself and for no one else. Which is why I also put some 'powerwords' at the root of the tree. Just some words I need to concentrate more on every once in a while. These words are; roots, courage, self and passion. I also have some quotes about creativity scattered around the page. My favourite:

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun!

~ Mary Lou Cook

Making Faerie Wings

Of course this wouldn't be a Faerie blog if we didn't have tutorials on how to make your life more faerie and fun! So today I'm sharing my favourite tutorials about making amazing faerie wings!!! Enjoy!

Emilie Autumn - Crafters Coast to Coast
In this video famous faerie performer Emilie Autumn shows us how to make amazing faerie wings using simple household items and sturdy wire.

Faerie Muse made an awesome tutorial on how to make celophane faerie wings! Check it out! Faerie Muse tutorial.

Artist Andrea Linebaugh has made a tutorial where she shows us how to make these amazingly cute crocheted faerie wings. They're so fluffy! Andrea Linebaug tutorial.

Jia Jem posted a tutorial for these amazing feather wings. Of course they are awesome as white angel wings, but now imagine them in happy faerie colours, maybe even rainbow! Jia Jem's tutorial.

And last but not least, this photo tutorial made by Modern Magical which shows us how to make gorgeous soft pink faerie wings. They are truly beautiful! Original.

 So show the makers of the tutorials some love and if you make any wings, show us!!
'Till next time!

donderdag 26 mei 2011

5 Questions for...... Flying Frog Creations!

Welcome to a new little segment of our blog; '5 questions for...' Each time we will have a little mini interview with a Faerie artist! Some well known, some might be new to you. If you want to suggest someone, or if you want to be interviewed yourself, send us an email at Faeriedoorblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

This time we interviewed Kim from Flying Frog Creations! Kim makes adorable little faerie doors, tiny vases and totally cute squids, all from polymer clay as well as some beautiful hand blown glass sculptures and handmade faerie wings. We asked her five questions:

1. Your beautiful faerie doors, how and when did you start making them?
Fairy Visitors
I have been sculpting on and off for years, but recently I have been trying to start up my own business and I needed something different (weird squid sculptures just don’t have much of an appreciative audience outside the science community.) I have worked at a few garden centers and plant nurseries, so the idea of Fairy Gardens wasn’t new to me, but on DeviantArt I found some people who were actually making little doors that I just LOVED! I realized I had some interesting ideas of my own as soon as I looked over the artist galleries, and I couldn’t help myself. A few hundred doors later, here I am!

Blue Octopus Pendant
2. What do you enjoy making the most?
My favorite works have all been blown glass sculptures, but the fairy doors are what keep me thinking about spring. I love all the great ideas customers come up with for the doors they want, and sometimes I replicate them because they are such great hits.

3. Where do you get your inspiration?
I love looking through DeviantArt to see what other artists are doing, and I have even started a group, “Fairy Doors and More,” for fairy-themed artisan crafts here on DA to bring Fairy artists together. The members of the group create many beautiful works that I have drawn inspiration from, but sometimes I just look outside for my ideas. Working close to nature has inspired a deep love within me for green grass and sunshine, fresh air and flowers. The changing moods and seasons of nature have so much to offer, and I try to take some of that and put it into my work.

Thorns Adult Wings
4. What are your hopes and dreams for your art?My hope is that fairy doors will help young children acquire a love and curiosity for the outdoors and that families can share the beauty of nature together when they put up a fairy door in their garden or yard. It is good to take some time to get your nose out of video games and homework and to just explore outside for a while. I hope more people continue to enjoy my work enough to bring a fairy door home with them, to continue the love of nature and the fae folk that live around us.

Trailing Blues Wood Fairy Door
5. Last but not least; do you believe in faeries?
I love the little people (except the borrowers – I wish they would stop stealing my buttons and candy!) and I hope we can coexist on this beautiful planet we share!

Find Flying Frog Creations on Deviantart, Etsy and Facebook!

'Till next time!

woensdag 18 mei 2011

Faerie Fashion Feature - Ocean Faerie

Getting her Venus on by
Travellyr on Deviantart

Time for another Faerie Feature, this time on how to let out your inner Ocean Faerie! Get in touch with the tranquility of the ocean by wearing the colours of the ocean; blues, whites, soft purples and bright bluegreens. Those are the favourite colours of an Ocean Faerie! Breezy, flowing, waving clothing that dance freely on the wind. And of course, layers, layers, layers... Or, if you're really adventurous, take some fishing nets and turn them into an awesome vest/dress!

Of course your makeup has to match your outfit, so dramatic eyes in ocean blue and seaweed green combined with soft pink pearl gloss. How enchanting!

Next up; hair. Long, waving locks remind us of days spent swimming in the open sea, especially if you don't spend a lot of time getting the tangles out ;) But, for those of us with short and/or straight hair, there are of course some options; accessorize! Everything with shells is good, combined with blues, whites, greens and purples. Ribbons braided into your hair is a very whimsical touch to a simple do, or you could take it up a notch with these fascinators, tiara's and hairsticks!

Emerald Siren Hair Fascinator by the real little mermaid on Deviantart
The Sea by Azhure's Jewels on Deviantart
Mermaid's Tears by Your Rain on Deviantart

Ocean Faeries are real scavengers, using everything that washes up on the shore to make their little trinkets and jewelry. Of course shells are something that every Ocean Faerie has to have in her jewelry collection, but also think of seaglass, wood, fishing nets and a sea star. And of course fibers and ribbons in the ocean colours!

Sea Faerie Queen Necklace by FourLis on Deviantart
LE Faerie Trinklet by Tara Linnea on Deviantart
Sea Star Necklace by Beatblack on Deviantart

So go to the beach, look for hidden treasures and let out your inner Ocean Faerie!

Mermaid 03 by Spaceshiplolita
on Deviantart

'Till next time!

dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Pagan Ramblings

I read an article in the magical times magazine the other day where Fiona Murray talks about connecting to nature. She asked her readers to think back to the time when they were kids. The time where we would spend most of our time outside, picking flowers, laying in the grass. The article really spoke to me. I miss those times, I miss the walks we used to take, picking wildflowers and weeds and bringing it home to mom. Every two days there would be a new bouquet of flowers on the table with daisies, poppies, cuckoo flowers and many, many more. I grew up surrounded by farms, so we used to go out and pet the sheep and the cows who were grazing lazily in the polder. Where did the times go where we were in such harmony with nature?
Wild Flowers by MrHeesh
on Deviantart
It's a part of growing up I guess. I used to have a job where I was constantly outside, no matter how cold, hot, rainy of windy it was. Now I work in a shop where I am inside every day, all day. I miss the outdoors, I miss the tiny moments where I used to be in awe with nature. A simple sight of a rainbow, jackdaw's picking off crumbs, butterflies fluttering from flower to flower. Those tiny moments make my day and make me feel like I am truly connected to nature.

Last week I was travelling home from my indoor job, going from one tram into another, trading one indoor space for another. I had a little lay-over time before my next tram came and it was raining. All my fellow travellers were hiding in stalls and under roofs. I stood in the rain, my face turned to the sky, my eyes closed, finally feeling the rain on my face again in way too long. It made me feel alive!
Giant poppies in a garden
in Alhen a/d Rijn

Another tiny moment last week was when I saw these amazingly huge poppy flowers growing in someone's garden. It's one of those times where nature surprises you and you just have to stop and stare for a moment. That gorgeous red colour, those giant petals, just amazing. Each petal was as wide as the palm of my hand, the flower was about as big as a dinner plate. Just awesome.

What are the moments where you feel in awe and connected to nature?

'Till next time!

zondag 8 mei 2011

Faerie Fashion Feature - Bugs

Bugs. These little critters have been described as little faerie helpers since the first faerie tales. They are cute and small and sometimes even scary! With these gorgeous creations you can keep your little helper close to you every day!

Ladybugs; These cute little spotted creatures bring happiness and good luck! Just look how adorable and shiney they are. If a ladybug lands on you it means good fortune will be coming your way very soon...

Tiny Ladybug on Cupcake by Colourful-Blossom
NomNom Ladybug Set by Autumnhoney
Ladybug Inspired I by SaraKennedy
Ladybug Bobby Pins by Dark7pop7toy7

Butterflies; Delicate wings, beautiful, unique colours and a magical transformation. Butterflies capture our dreams and imagination. They bring wonder and joy and, according to Chinese and Japanese culture, are the essence of happiness!

Butterfly Backlace by LittleRedx
Pink Mix Woodnymph Glass Wing by Fused Elegance
Crocheted Multi Butterflies by Shina
Monarch Butterfy Dress by Luly Yang

Spiders; These creepy crawleys feature in nightmares and horror movies. But they are also vital for the environment and keep the nasty musquitos away! So for the darker faeries amongst us, here are some beautiful spiders.

Spider on Turquoise pendant by Szilviabead
Spider Flower Clip by Dragon Behin
Spider Bookmark by Maylar
Cobweb Portrait by Corviid

Till next time!