zondag 8 mei 2011

Faerie Fashion Feature - Bugs

Bugs. These little critters have been described as little faerie helpers since the first faerie tales. They are cute and small and sometimes even scary! With these gorgeous creations you can keep your little helper close to you every day!

Ladybugs; These cute little spotted creatures bring happiness and good luck! Just look how adorable and shiney they are. If a ladybug lands on you it means good fortune will be coming your way very soon...

Tiny Ladybug on Cupcake by Colourful-Blossom
NomNom Ladybug Set by Autumnhoney
Ladybug Inspired I by SaraKennedy
Ladybug Bobby Pins by Dark7pop7toy7

Butterflies; Delicate wings, beautiful, unique colours and a magical transformation. Butterflies capture our dreams and imagination. They bring wonder and joy and, according to Chinese and Japanese culture, are the essence of happiness!

Butterfly Backlace by LittleRedx
Pink Mix Woodnymph Glass Wing by Fused Elegance
Crocheted Multi Butterflies by Shina
Monarch Butterfy Dress by Luly Yang

Spiders; These creepy crawleys feature in nightmares and horror movies. But they are also vital for the environment and keep the nasty musquitos away! So for the darker faeries amongst us, here are some beautiful spiders.

Spider on Turquoise pendant by Szilviabead
Spider Flower Clip by Dragon Behin
Spider Bookmark by Maylar
Cobweb Portrait by Corviid

Till next time!

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