donderdag 26 mei 2011

5 Questions for...... Flying Frog Creations!

Welcome to a new little segment of our blog; '5 questions for...' Each time we will have a little mini interview with a Faerie artist! Some well known, some might be new to you. If you want to suggest someone, or if you want to be interviewed yourself, send us an email at Faeriedoorblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

This time we interviewed Kim from Flying Frog Creations! Kim makes adorable little faerie doors, tiny vases and totally cute squids, all from polymer clay as well as some beautiful hand blown glass sculptures and handmade faerie wings. We asked her five questions:

1. Your beautiful faerie doors, how and when did you start making them?
Fairy Visitors
I have been sculpting on and off for years, but recently I have been trying to start up my own business and I needed something different (weird squid sculptures just don’t have much of an appreciative audience outside the science community.) I have worked at a few garden centers and plant nurseries, so the idea of Fairy Gardens wasn’t new to me, but on DeviantArt I found some people who were actually making little doors that I just LOVED! I realized I had some interesting ideas of my own as soon as I looked over the artist galleries, and I couldn’t help myself. A few hundred doors later, here I am!

Blue Octopus Pendant
2. What do you enjoy making the most?
My favorite works have all been blown glass sculptures, but the fairy doors are what keep me thinking about spring. I love all the great ideas customers come up with for the doors they want, and sometimes I replicate them because they are such great hits.

3. Where do you get your inspiration?
I love looking through DeviantArt to see what other artists are doing, and I have even started a group, “Fairy Doors and More,” for fairy-themed artisan crafts here on DA to bring Fairy artists together. The members of the group create many beautiful works that I have drawn inspiration from, but sometimes I just look outside for my ideas. Working close to nature has inspired a deep love within me for green grass and sunshine, fresh air and flowers. The changing moods and seasons of nature have so much to offer, and I try to take some of that and put it into my work.

Thorns Adult Wings
4. What are your hopes and dreams for your art?My hope is that fairy doors will help young children acquire a love and curiosity for the outdoors and that families can share the beauty of nature together when they put up a fairy door in their garden or yard. It is good to take some time to get your nose out of video games and homework and to just explore outside for a while. I hope more people continue to enjoy my work enough to bring a fairy door home with them, to continue the love of nature and the fae folk that live around us.

Trailing Blues Wood Fairy Door
5. Last but not least; do you believe in faeries?
I love the little people (except the borrowers – I wish they would stop stealing my buttons and candy!) and I hope we can coexist on this beautiful planet we share!

Find Flying Frog Creations on Deviantart, Etsy and Facebook!

'Till next time!

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