woensdag 18 mei 2011

Faerie Fashion Feature - Ocean Faerie

Getting her Venus on by
Travellyr on Deviantart

Time for another Faerie Feature, this time on how to let out your inner Ocean Faerie! Get in touch with the tranquility of the ocean by wearing the colours of the ocean; blues, whites, soft purples and bright bluegreens. Those are the favourite colours of an Ocean Faerie! Breezy, flowing, waving clothing that dance freely on the wind. And of course, layers, layers, layers... Or, if you're really adventurous, take some fishing nets and turn them into an awesome vest/dress!

Of course your makeup has to match your outfit, so dramatic eyes in ocean blue and seaweed green combined with soft pink pearl gloss. How enchanting!

Next up; hair. Long, waving locks remind us of days spent swimming in the open sea, especially if you don't spend a lot of time getting the tangles out ;) But, for those of us with short and/or straight hair, there are of course some options; accessorize! Everything with shells is good, combined with blues, whites, greens and purples. Ribbons braided into your hair is a very whimsical touch to a simple do, or you could take it up a notch with these fascinators, tiara's and hairsticks!

Emerald Siren Hair Fascinator by the real little mermaid on Deviantart
The Sea by Azhure's Jewels on Deviantart
Mermaid's Tears by Your Rain on Deviantart

Ocean Faeries are real scavengers, using everything that washes up on the shore to make their little trinkets and jewelry. Of course shells are something that every Ocean Faerie has to have in her jewelry collection, but also think of seaglass, wood, fishing nets and a sea star. And of course fibers and ribbons in the ocean colours!

Sea Faerie Queen Necklace by FourLis on Deviantart
LE Faerie Trinklet by Tara Linnea on Deviantart
Sea Star Necklace by Beatblack on Deviantart

So go to the beach, look for hidden treasures and let out your inner Ocean Faerie!

Mermaid 03 by Spaceshiplolita
on Deviantart

'Till next time!

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