zondag 29 mei 2011

Making Faerie Wings

Of course this wouldn't be a Faerie blog if we didn't have tutorials on how to make your life more faerie and fun! So today I'm sharing my favourite tutorials about making amazing faerie wings!!! Enjoy!

Emilie Autumn - Crafters Coast to Coast
In this video famous faerie performer Emilie Autumn shows us how to make amazing faerie wings using simple household items and sturdy wire.

Faerie Muse made an awesome tutorial on how to make celophane faerie wings! Check it out! Faerie Muse tutorial.

Artist Andrea Linebaugh has made a tutorial where she shows us how to make these amazingly cute crocheted faerie wings. They're so fluffy! Andrea Linebaug tutorial.

Jia Jem posted a tutorial for these amazing feather wings. Of course they are awesome as white angel wings, but now imagine them in happy faerie colours, maybe even rainbow! Jia Jem's tutorial.

And last but not least, this photo tutorial made by Modern Magical which shows us how to make gorgeous soft pink faerie wings. They are truly beautiful! Original.

 So show the makers of the tutorials some love and if you make any wings, show us!!
'Till next time!

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