zondag 5 juni 2011

Keltfest 2011

Yesterday the day had finally arrived, time for Keltfest! It was our first Keltfest and we had a blast! The atmosphere was joyous and pagan and hippie. The weather was so good we actually had to buy less warm clothing. (I got a pretty blue tiered skirt with flowers on it) It really is a miniature Castlefest. We will most definately go again next year!

Lots and lots of fun stands with Celtic, Scottish, Medieval and Pagan wares. My friend Aswulf got a spindle and some wool so she can spin her own yarn, something she has wanted to do for a long time now. We saw a lot of beautiful jewellery, yummy foods, gorgeous figurines and mean looking swords and knives. I fell in love with the wood carvings of Drachenheim, especially this beautiful walking cane. I didn't buy it, but maybe... just maybe at Castlefest.... I will...

Furthermore there was a labyrinth laid out in chalk. You could walk the labyrinth and take a 'wishing shell' with you. I had wanted to walk a labyrinth for a long time now, so that was definately something that was on my 'to do list'. It was a real strange sensation. When I walked towards the centre of the labyrinth I was really focused on the path that I was walking. The only thing I could really concentrate on was putting one foot in front of the other. Then, on the way out again, it was like it was easier. More careless and free. Aswulf had the same experience. The downside was that all the noises from the festival and the people were really distracting. But we have dicided to make our own labyrinth soon so that we can do it again, but then without the distractions :).

Then of course came the moment we'd all been waiting for; the concert of our favourite band Scrum. For those of you who don't know Scrum, they are a local (Dutch) powerfolk band with amazing, happy songs, lots of humour and are just all-round good fun!  Here is their first music video from their new album Killing Time. The song; Killing time!

So all in all we had an amazing day and it was the perfect start of the Festival season. Next up; Midzomer (Midsummer) fair at Archeon in Alphen a/d Rijn!

Ps: new signature! I like this one a lot more, how 'bout you?

Pps: I got thé best compliment from someone at work this week. She said that the way I always do my makeup, she always thought I looked like a faerie! Seriously, how could a compliment be any better? :D

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