donderdag 9 juni 2011

Faerie Makeup - Coloured Lips

Welcome to the first (hopefully of many) Faerie Makeup features! The point of these features is to inspire people to use makeup as an expression of themselves. It is one of the things why I love makeup so much. It helps me show my inner me, it brings a smile on people's faces and it makes me feel pretty! What more could a girl want? Anyway, our first feature is about coloured lips. And then I don't mean the colours that you can just buy from any makeup brand, no, I mean the colours that are sure to turn heads. Colours the faeries themselves would be jealous of ;)

Doe Deere
I am a huge fan of Doe Deere and her makeup brand Lime Crime Makeup! They have so many fun coloured lipsticks, it hard which one to choose! And with names as 'Mint to be' (the one Doe is wearing in the picture), 'Airborne Unicorn' (purple) and 'No she didn't' (blue) who can resist?

Six pastel lipsticks from Lime Crime.

Now, I do realize that not everyone (including me) has the funds to buy all these amazing colours... But don't fret, we've found just the thing: a tutorial on how to colour your lips, using eyeshadow pencils. Yes, you've read it right; eyeshadow pencils. Click on the picture to get to the full sized version!

How to Tutorial - Cold Touch
By Dead-Rose-16
With this tutorial you now know how to paint your lips using eyeshadow pencils. (You can also use body paint, but eyeshadow pencils are easier to come by) Now it's time to take it one step further; blending and mixing.

Peacock by Wickedweb
Blueberry Smoothie by Katsu-Chicken

Remember; when you have bright, colourful lips, it is best to keep your eye makeup simple and natural. Usually just a touch of eyeliner is all you need when you rock your colourful lips!
So have fun experimenting and show me the photo's of your luscious lips! :D

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