maandag 13 juni 2011

Pagan Arts Journal - Week 2

Week 2's prompt was; Love!

This is what I made of it:

I had this idea in my head of two people embracing a certain way, so that they would have a heart in the middle. After a few sketches I decided that this worked much better :) I made a big heart with the couple in its centre, holding another heart. On the background I wrote a lot of keywords connected to love. They are not all individual words, most are used twice, some even three times. Not all of the keywords were related to a relationship, like 'marriage' or 'romance', but also words like 'family', 'friends', 'clan', 'Goddess' and 'God'. Just anything I could think of that was related to Love! I am quite pleased with the end result, it just screams 'love' to me, which was exactly what I wanted!

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