woensdag 13 juni 2012

Music of the Horned One...

Cernunnos by Jane Starr Weils
...or, how can I introduce three of my favourite pagan music artists? :D By sharing a few of my favourite songs, which incidentally are all about the Horned God! As a priestess to the Horned God, I love songs that tell of his worship. Cernunnos, Pan, Herne, the Horned One, the Hunter. It doesn't matter what name you use, he is the God of the hunt, of passionfilled nights and mischief. The God of the Forest and the Wild, who runs with the wolf and the stag.

My favourite part about the three following songs is that they all have an easy and catchy chorus which could easily be used as a chant. So get up out of your chair and dance to the rhythms of the Horned One!

Hymn to Herne by S.J. Tucker. What I love about this one is the sensual beat and the low and sultry voice. Can't you just imagine dancing 'round the Beltaine fire with this song? It's also a bit cheeky and a lot fun, like the rest of Tucker's music.

He will call you out
Make you sweat
Give you a blessing
That you'll never forget

So revel in the chase
And let your heartbeat run
Blessed are the children
Of the Horned One


Noon of the Solstice by Damh the Bard. It's pronounced 'Dave' not 'Damn', although I must admit, we do call him 'Damn the Bard' in our house, just because it sounds funnier :). What I love about Noon of the Solstice is that it tells a story. Throughout the song Damh takes us on a journey through the year of the wheel and the tale of the Oak- and Holly King. Which is an important tale in the coming Summer Solstice! His music is simple and upbeat and he has a wonderful storytelling voice.

I'm the Horned God
I'm the face in the trees

I'm the breath of the wind
That rustles the leaves

I'm the Green Man
In the wildwood I roam

I'm Pan and I'm Herne

Hymn to Pan by Faun. It is rare for this German band to make songs in English, but Hymn to Pan is one of the few English songs they have in their reportoire. I first heard this song on Castlefest last year and it immediately became our 'theme song' for the rest of the festival. What I love about Hymn to Pan is the slow beat that draws you in. They tell the story of Pan and the Faun in hushed voices that makes you lean in to hear the rest of the tale. The music is beautiful and a bit less 'simple' than the other songs, who use only two or three instruments. This song can really put you into a trance, like I experienced on Castlefest. Suddenly I was standing in a green wooded glen with Pan walking towards me. Fond memories and one of the reasons I never grow tired of this beautiful Hymn.

Listen now and I shall follow
Listen now and I may follow

Listen now and I may follow

So there you have it, a few of my favourite pagan artists with a few of my favourite songs! May the Horned One inspire and bless you all!

Love and Leaves,
Marjolijn Ashara

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