zaterdag 9 juni 2012

Faerie Fashion Feature - Mirror jewellery

Mirror, mirror on the wall.....

Selina Fenech - Looking for Fairies
Of course we all know that one, and what follows next. Mirrors are often found in fairytales and other fantasy stories. Just think about Snow White and the Queen's magic mirror. Beauty and the Beast and the mirror that could show you anything you wanted to see. Alice and the Looking Glass which is a portal to a different realm.

Mirrors are often found in Faerie Folklore as well. Kenny Klein speaks in his book Through the Faerie Glass, which is a must read by the way, about mirrors being a portal to the Otherworld. Many stories involve either stepping through a mirroring surface or crossing over a mirroring surface. This is not always a glass or silver mirror, this can also be a lake or even an ocean. It is also said that when you look into a mirror to what's behind you, you can see the true shape of a faerie or witch. It makes you see things like they really are.

In witchcraft mirrors are also powerful tools. They can be used for protection, to send harmful magic back to its sender. They can be used for binding, for telling the future, for evocation and for channeling energies. Scrying, which is a way of fortune telling, is often done with a black mirror, but can also be done with a normal mirror. By staring into the mirror (or a bowl of mirroring water!) you can see visions of the future, the answer to your problems or maybe even see a loved one who is far away.

So I thought it fitting to do a small jewellery feature of this very magical tool. Mirror jewellery is especially handy because not only do mirrors look beautiful, they are also a practical size to have your magic mirror with you at all times!

Rose Mirror Keychain by Night's Eyes

The Mirror by Elvarinya

Mirror Mirror by Meeshah
Techno Logy Mirror Necklace by VampirePumpkin

A Mirror by Aknesaknes
Mirror, mirror on the wall... by Mornie-Alfinus

Night Mirror by Jagienkaa

Maybe we'll dive into the magic mirror more in a next entry... There is still so much to tell...

Love and Leaves,
Marjolijn Ashara

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