zaterdag 30 juni 2012

Faerie Fashion Feature - Masked Mayhem

I've always loved the scenes in movies where the mysterious faerie creatures have a masked ball. Think Labyrinth where Sarah eats the peach and is whisked away to a huge ball masque where she dances with Jared, the Goblin king. I really love masks, also because they are so versatile. There are so many ways to make them and in so many styles fit for any faerie. With leaves for the nature faerie, bright red streaks painted on with face paint for the fire faerie, whimsical delicate silver swirls for the faerie Queen. So lets look at some of the most beautiful faerie masks.

Ladybug Mask by Ctunmasked on Deviantart
The mask and the ladybugs are leather, with fabric flowers.
Greenwoman Mask by CTunmasked on Deviantart
The mask and moon are leather, with added feathers.
Sea Fae - Leather Mask by Windfalcon on Deviantart
The mask is leather, with added fabrics and pearls.

Polymer clay:
Polymer Clay Mask - Fall by RavenMasquerade on Deviantart
Sturdy base covered with polymer clay leaves and added ribbons.
Black Eagle Mask by Red Robin Arts
Made solely from clay, with added gemstone.
Elements Mask by SneakyFetusProd on Deviantart
Made solely from clay, painted with acrylics.
Unique Sterling bridal mask by Elnara Niall on Deviantart
Made from sterling silver.
Wire Mask for Beltane Ball by Silver Cicada on Deviantart
Jewellery wire with amethyst coloured glass beads.
Vine Half Mask by GrinGrimaceandSqueek on Deviantart
Wire mask with seed beaded details.
Masquerade by Rain2Shine on Deviantart
Artistic wire and glass beads.
Peacock mask and tiara by GrinGrimaceandSqueek on Deviantart
Wire mask decorated with seed beads.
Cyber Gothic mask by GrinGrimaceandSqueek on Deviantart
Wire mask decorated with seed beads.
Victorian lacy mask by Asfina on Deviantart
Crocheted with tatted thread.
Lace Face by EyeFeather-Stock on Deviantart
Lace mask.
Purple Butterfly Mask by CostumeSalon on Deviantart
Heavy fabric mask with beaded edges.
Thunder by SweetGreyChaos on Deviantart
Venetian Masquerade by MarleauSarah on Deviantart
Rainbow Fish by Itashleys-makeup on Deviantart
So there you have it, a faerie feature on masks. This is of course just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more beautiful masks out there in all these different materials and styles. So who knows, there might be a part two.....

Love and Leaves,
Marjolijn Ashara

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  1. Loving your page. Found it while searching for Halloween makeup ideas and related stuffs. I actually don't have that creativity but it's fun so collect such photos and tutorials on my Pinterest board collection. Please allow me to pin some of your photos, pleaseeeeeeeee! thanks much and God bless!

  2. How much fun and exciting... You deserve good things to come your way!
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