zondag 3 juni 2012

5 questions for: Janna Prosvirina!

This week it's time for our first '5 questions for....' in a long time! The wonderful Janna Prosvirina, whom many of you might know as Kuoma, has excitingly answered all the questions we had for her. Thanks Janna!

Janna is an amazing faerie artist who makes whimsical painting of, mostly, flower faeries. There are however also some mermaids and witches hidden within her gallery. Her use of colours and the softness of what she paints is what first drew me to her paintings. The clothing of her faeries is different every time and always attuned with the setting in which they sit, stand of fly. Her poses are very original and usually taken from her own stock-account where she shares her wonderful stock photo's with the world. She's also posted several very helpful tutorials for those artists who want to learn more about working with watercolours. Her new projects include acrylic paintings on small pieces of wood and these are just as whimsical as her watercolours.

Al right, after this brief introduction, I give you all, the interview!

the Key
1. When did you start making you beautiful paintings?
It depends on what we both call beautiful ;) I started painting fairies in the end of 2006. I wanted to progress and so I posted some of my creations online, hoping that creative people would help me to improve. I think I have acheived a level which I am happy with at the end of 2011, till that time I did not take my hobby seriously and did not call anything I created 'beautiful'.

2. What materials do you love to work with most?
I use traditional media, mostly watercolor but also colored pencils and white gouache for certain effects. I did a few acrylic paintings but it is not what I really enjoy doing all the time.

3. What scenes/creatures/etc. do you enjoy to draw or paint most?
Fairies are my favourite creatures but I enjoy painting scenery too, flowers and woodlands are my latest passion.

4. Who do you admire/is your biggest influence?
J.W Waterhouse, J. E Millais and other Pre-Raphaeliten moved me to take a brush and try to paint. Also modern painters like Brian Froud, Jessica Galbreth, Nene Thomas and of course Amy Brown I think they inspired the whole young generation of fairy artists.

5. Last but not least; do you believe in faeries?
I wish I could say "I do, I do!" like in Peter Pan movie but unfortunately I don't; at least I don't believe they are those lovely tiny creatures from children fairy-tale books we all know. Still enjoy painting them ;)
Fairy Dust

Find Janna on Deviantart or buy her wonderful prints, originals or even mugs with her paintings on her Etsy or Zazzle account!

Love and Leaves,
Marjolijn Ashara.

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