zondag 25 maart 2012

I'm back!

Good morning everyone on this lovely spring morning!

I know, I'm so ashamed, it's almost been a year hasn't it? A year in which a lot of things happened and a lot of things went wrong. But, I found that I missed the blog, which is why it is back in action! There are going to be some changes though. I've decided to make it a bit easier on myself, so expect shorter posts, but hopefully there will be more of them :) I also plan to post reviews of books, tv shows, movies and music. There might be more pagan related posts and some more personal posts of my own findings on the faerie and pagan path. So I guess in that sense, less really is more.

So to kick off this new and improved Faerie Door Blog, a feature of something amazing. So, one of the things that happened in the past year is that I got engaged!!! Yay! My super romantic boyfriend proposed to me in Disneyland Paris, in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle when it was dark and all lit up and beautiful. The most happy, romantic, epic, awesome moment of my life! So we're currently starting with the planning. It's going to be amazing! We have a theme, which is still a secret ;) But to start things off again here, a few photo's of an amazing faerie wedding!

The Bride and Groom, don't they look magical?

The High Priestess who performed the ceremony. She looks like a vision of Morrigan to me, so beautiful!

The wedding party and a view of the ceremony. Everything is just perfect, the location, the decoration, the costumes, the loving couple, just amazing.

And of course we end this lovely feature with the kiss! The magical kiss! There is so much softness and emotion in these photo's, it melts my fairytale heart <3

For all the pictures and more info on this amazing wedding, go to Tricia Fountaine's website. She designed everything and, let's be honest, did an amazing job! I for one am totally in love with this wedding and can only hope that my own wedding will be as magical as this one.

Love and Leaves!

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