maandag 4 juli 2011

Faerie Fashion Feature - Faerie Footwear

Yay! Time for another Faerie Fashion Feature! This week we will be tackling Faerie Footwear. Because of course we can't walk around barefoot all day (although I wish we could... really!) These shoes that I found on Deviantart are truly the embodiment of the faerie spirit. I love love LOVE them:

Fairy shoes by Ibukij on Deviantart
These adorable little shoes are for sale on her etsy! As well as a lot of other beautiful faerie fashion items. Go check it out!

Although these shoes are amazing and supercute, they are not for day-to-day wear. You couldn't really show up for work in these babies. So, what is a faerie to do? Well, luckily there are a lot of easy tips to upgrade the shoes you already have into amazing faerie shoes!

1. Ribbons
The easiest step and yet, so effective. If you have pumps or sandals, you could add long lengths of ribbons to it that wrap around your lower legs. If you have lace-up shoes, replace the laces with ribbons! It's cute and funky, yet functional... Try different colours and different fabrics, mix and match if you want. Combining organza and satin ribbon makes it all the more faerie... has a handy tutorial
on how to make these cute pumps!
Missa by Design has a handy video tutorial
on how to make these lace up heels!
FairyfeetSA painted these adorable
shoes and added cute ribbons
instead of laces!

2. Paint
Like the cute Bees and Butterflies shoes above painting your shoes is a fun and whimsical way to make your shoes more faerie-worthy. Add nature patterns or entire fairytales, whatever your imagination can think off... Painting works best on canvas or leather shoes, with the right types of paint. Here is a tutorial on how to paint your shoes!
Flower shoes by Petmonkey0 on Deviantart
Unicornville by Gemsville on Deviantart
Black Swirl Shoes by Miss Bunny Shoes on Deviantart.
3. Buttons, flowers and beads
Another simple way to make your shoes more faerie-like is to simply glue (or sow) buttons, silk flowers or stings of beads to your existing shoes. If you want to use glue, use a hot glue gun (careful, it's not called 'hot glue' for nothing!) Simple and easy, but the effect is amazing!
Crystal Falls 2 by Moonshine Mustardseed on Deviantart.
Button Shoes by Stiched-Up on Deviantart
Fairy Shoes by Tonya

4. Inspiration
Look towards other designers and other crafters to see how they make their shoes more fun. Adapt it to your own personal style et violá! Faerie shoes of your own design! Some designs that I find inspirational:

Butterfly heels by Alexander McQueen
Flower Shoes by Scherer Gonsales

So, get crafting and show me your shoes!!

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