maandag 28 mei 2012

The ancestors on my altar

In my last blogpost I told you guys and gals about the pretty celtic skull I had bought for the ancestral altar I want to make when we actually have room for it XD. So for now, the ancestors have to settle for a permanent spot on my normal altar. I don't think they mind :) I redo my altar almost every sabbath, more if I feel like it. I really view my altar as a representation of not just nature and the seasons, but also me and what I am working with/on at the moment. So I thought it fitting to give my ancestors a small spot for themselves. So here is a picture of my altar as it is;

The petals are for the upcoming Litha feast. Litha, to me, is a festival of love and happiness. And also the festival where me and my fiancé got handfasted six years ago! The altar setup like this doesn't really change much, the elements have their own corners filled with gemstones and other things that fit with their element. Feathers for Air, shells for Water, a candle for Fire and a couldron filled with ivy and a giant pinecone for Earth. The two faeries on the altar are also always there and represent the light and the darkness, of myself and of the path. On the pentacle rests a golden sun, symbol of summer, with an apofylite on top, a strong energy channeler.
The purple wand resting against the mirror is the wand I work with most. I made it myself out of a butterfly bish and then painted with several shades of purple. It also has swirls and leaves on it :) The oracle cards are the Wild Wisdom of the Faerie Oracle by Selina Fenech. The cards speak of connections to other species and races, letting go (of fear), opening new doorways and of the ancestors and the others who have come before me. I thought them very fitting.

A closeup of my small ancestral corner. The skull is resting on top of the white rose petals. White (glass) runes surround it. Wunjo for happiness, Othala for birthright and home, Gebo for gifts of the Gods, Thorn for protection, Ansuz for communication between realms and Mannaz for me and 'the people'. I didn't know what else to do when I had this laid out, but I new I needed something. I started searching in my books what kind of herbs I could offer to my ancestors. Many sources talk about 'feeding' your ancestors by offering them herbs and incense.
In my books I couldn't find anything, so I went with instinct. Chamomile for the connection to 'the beloved dead' as they are called. Marjoram for me and my bloodline. My name is Marjolijn, which is the Dutch name for the herb Marjoram, be it spelled a bit differently. Normally it's spelled Marjolein. I thought it very fitting to represent me and my family. The last are Juniperberries for protection and connection to the divine. Next to the skull and the herbs sit a small candle inside an offering dish. So there you have it! Ancestral altar, part one!

There will be more on my ancestors as I search for them, which is not an easy task. However, I promise next blogpost will be another Faerie Fashion Feature! ;)

Love and Leaves,
Marjolijn Ashara

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