donderdag 12 april 2012

Faerie Fashion Feature - Winged Jewellery

Time for another Faerie Fashion Feature! :D I was browsing Deviantart, as I do (too/very) often and came across some wonderful winged jewellery which would look perfect in any faerie's jewellery box. It amazes me how people make these beautiful and delicate things, and all of different materials too!

Real wings encased in glass:

Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry by Bflydesigns

Delirium Butterfly Necklace by Felinocurioso37


Faery Wing Necklace by Phee-adornments

Blue Morpho Nouveau Necklace by Angela Sasser

Wire and foil:

Blue Wings Pendant by Elvenelysium

Pink and Blue Wings Pendant by Elvenelysium

And several other materials:

These earrings were made with real beatle wings which have been treated with several layers of varnish.
Plume and Wing by S0WIL0

These beautiful earrings were made with heat-treated titatium and sterling silver.
Wings by Forgedirony

These geeky wings were made with a hard drive and a processor card. Geeky and pretty!
Butterfly Wings by the Blue Kraken

Well my flittering friends, that's it for the feature! I hope you enjoyed it!

Love and Leaves,
Marjolijn Ashara

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